Our History

our history lamb farm in athens greece

1974 Lamb Farm Athens, Greece

Blikian Brothers Meat CO history

1980 Blikian Brothers Meat Co. in Los Angeles CA

kebab daddy in montrose, ca glendale

2014 Kebab Daddy in Montrose CA

60+ Year Background in Meat

Behind the modernized style and approach of Kebab Daddy lies a more-than-60- year background of meat. Avedis Blikian had been in the meat industry from Yerevan, Armenia, before the 1950s. After migrating to Koropi, Greece from Armenia in 1973, he continued to thrive in the meat business.

In 1977, Avedis brought his knowledge of various meats and the art of marinating to the United States. He opened up Blikian Brothers Meats in Los Angeles, CA with his sons. Being one of the first families in the meat industry in Los Angeles, the meat connoisseur’s names gained national, and even worldwide, popularity by having the most delicious, tender, and clean meats ever! After his passing, his sons took over their father’s talent and provided wholesale meat everywhere in Los Angeles.

To continue Avedis’s legacy and to provide top quality meat to everyone, the doors of the original Kebab Daddy opens in Montrose, CA, serving the La Canada, La Crescenta, Pasadena, Glendale, and Los Angeles areas.

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