Kebab Daddy Meats

Dating back to 1977 in Los Angeles, California, and then alongside the popularity of Kebab Daddy, we launched Kebab Daddy Meats in 2021. It merely started off as a small project to fulfill our customer’s kebab needs while enduring a global pandemic. After numerous requests from our local customers about wanting to barbecue our marinated, raw kebabs at their own homes, we made it happen in 2021. With a growing statistic, we decided to implement that same concept nationwide! If you have tried our kebabs, you know what we are all about, and if you have not, well, it is very simple! We use America’s highest quality meats: from Certified Angus Beef Brand steaks to all-natural Mountaire Farms Black Label chicken brand to the best French-cut New Zealand lamb chops you have ever tasted!

Kebab Daddy Meats strictly prioritizes health by providing the freshest meats and not using any tenderizers. Appreciating the health concerns of our customers, our seasoning is gluten, nut, dairy, and sesame FREE!